Contact Lenses

Children and Contact Lenses

Children and Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices that are mostly used for treating eye or vision problems. However, the trend is now prevailing among individuals with normal eyesight due to motivational marketing by cosmeticians, framing “Contact Lenses” as aesthetics and accessory for the same reason as glasses are worn. Contact lenses or contacts are worn by everyone irrespective of age. Contact lenses for adults and contact lenses for children are widely available in optical stores and are being widely used also. But the case of children is slightly different from adults. For children the general concern is regarding the handling, though there are other worries also.

Contact lenses for children:

  • First thing that should be noted is that children should only be encouraged to wear contacts for vision problems and not as aesthetics or accessory.
  • Children are free and careless in their activities so they need to be instructed in detail about use and handling of contacts.
  • Take some time and discuss with professional opticians to choose quality and best material contacts for your children.

Is your child ready for contact lenses?

It is a question mostly asked by parents but the answer always is there with them. There is no age for using contacts. Even infants are fixed with contact lenses in acute cataract conditions. So, age is not factor effecting the lenses use. However, it depends on your personal observation of your child if he is responsible in handling …