Cornea transplants

When are Cornea Transplants Needed?

When are Cornea Transplants Needed?

The cornea is the most important structure of eye and plays a significant role in coordination and performance of vision by eye. It is the outer clear layer, through which light is refracted into the eye, making it the first zone of light entrance and focusing. Cornea Transplant as the name indicates is a surgical procedure in which a new grafted cornea is placed from a donor’s eye.

Reasons for corneal transplant:

Cornea transplant is not a mild surgical intervention and is only recommended when there is no other recovery chance. There are some diseases that require a corneal transplant and in some cases accidental damage of eye that needs corneal grafting.

  1. Keratoconus:

A condition in which cornea cannot maintain its typical round structure, thinning, scarring, hole or apical scarring are major causes of Keratoconus. The disease is characterized by blurry and hazy vision, stress on eyes and irritation. The appearance of disorder may be from childhood. However, mild conditions can be helped with the use of glasses and contacts but still extreme cases demand corneal grafting.

  1. Hereditary diseases like Fuchs’ dystrophy.
  2. Eye infections and inflammations due to fungi or herpes etc.
  3. Accidental damage to eye cornea.
  4. Rare but possible complications form LASIK surgery (laser based retinal reshaping surgery).

Are you a candidate for cornea transplant?

A cornea transplant candidate must have a serious disorder or condition as mentioned above. The condition of the patient can no longer be helped …